Taste The Difference

Our Story

We’re a family company in business since 1979. Our story begins with our founders, Elmer and Gina Whitcomb, and their seven sons and two daughters. Starting the family business with several restaurants and expanding to become one of the premier dining service providers in the country, we’ve stayed close to our roots and true to our mission of “enhancing life one meal at a time.” 

Inspired by great meals enjoyed together around the dining room table, our Tastefully Plated selections are a deliciously different way to enjoy the convenience of a prepared meal, without sacrificing quality and taste.


Sample Product Image Displaying Packaging

Our sealing system locks in freshness and ensures that:

  • Customers can see the quality of our delicious meals from every angle before purchasing
  • Meals stay beautifully plated and ready for your dining room table
  • Heat and serve on the same plate, right from the microwave, in minutes
  • Steam heating warms the meal evenly and keeps food moist, fresh and delicious

See the quality difference our unique sealing system makes:



Why Tastefully Plated?

  • Enjoy chef created, restaurant quality meals right from your own microwave
  • Our packaging let’s you see the meals before you buy them 
  • Stock up and freeze or enjoy right away, whatever works for you
  • Steaming process heats the meal evenly and preserves quality
  • Beautiful plate looks great from microwave to table

See it. Heat it. Eat It.